Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Apologies, Iran, bomber, definition, Canada, and images.

Sorry for not writing for a while; I have been busy for a while. That’s what happens when you are in a war zone. Also I have to crank out studies, evaluations, after action reports, and plans to get out of here. So typing a blog entry is sometimes a task that I have been putting off.

Here is a great video on what it is like to be a sniper, not like that MTV/Hollywood crap.

If this is true, does this mean Iran is waging a proxy war against the US? The government of Iran must know what is going on within its own country. Are they encouraging it?

This was ugly. Most of the dead were women and children shopping before Eid-Islamic version of Christmas- a happy festive time. The Afghans I talked to want to kill all the Taliban for targeting women and children, but the Taliban just shrug their shoulders saying “inshallah” or God wills it.

Oh yes, Mr Journalist here is a tip, I know it might be picky, but it was not a suicide bomber. A suicide bomber is one who loads up with explosives, walk out in the field, cries out “ bye, bye cruel world!” and kills himself, hence “suicide” bomber. The asshole who at this attack killed children, women, men where innocent and was at the wrong place and time was a murder. Right? He wanted to collect his 72 virgins, but forgot that he will be standing in line behind a few thousand dead terrorist before he can have his way with his burka boy.

The Canadians are here for peacekeeping, but it will be more of peace making after this. I am glad that Canada will not get the Spanish Flu and run home.

I went to the ramp ceremony for the murdered diplomat. It was moving send off with a bag piper playing “amazing grace.” A few thousand US, Canadian, British, Dutch, French, and Afghan soldiers stood at attention when his casket was loaded on the plane.

There will be more like that coming up, but we joke that murder bombers are a one time use weapon. Also the murder bombers are Arabs and the Afghans now have another reason to hate Arabs even more. It does not make the media, but a many of them have been stopped by various means and the locals are ratting them out since the Taliban does not care about the welfare of the local citizens.

I will have another post soon. Have a nice and fine US army day!
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Vendors in Kandahar City.

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Flying above the country side.